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Fashion Forms #12540 Adhesive Tape

Fashion Forms #12540
Manufacturer: Fashion Forms
SKU: 765942196692

Fashion Forms #12540 Dress Tapes to Go. Holds even the most daring designs in place. Easy to use double-sided transparent tape. 12 pairs of tape in each pack. This item is not returnable. Garment and Body Adhesives... On The Go Holds even the most daring designs in place. Easy to use, double-sided, transparent tape.

This item is not exchangeable or returnable.

Color: Clear

One Size

Twelve Pair Straight

Avoid embarrassing slip up by making sure clothing doesn’t slide around. Keep clothing where you want it with this double sided tape. Peel off the paper backing and stick to clothing. To remove, simply peel clothing from tape, then remove tape from skin. 100% Medical grade polyethylene with non-sensitizing, hypoallergenic adhesive

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