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Finding a good fitting bra is an issue almost every woman goes through. This can be even more challenging when you are big-busted woman who needs to find a bra that looks good, feels good and gives you the support you want. This is why, the Goddess 6090 Kiera is one of our client’s favorite bras.

This bra gives you a flattering neckline, great coverage and amazing support. The sheer top-cut and sating finish gives this bra a unique and sensual look. The cups are cut into 4 sections that allow the cups to be fully molded for a comfortable fit. The thick and fully adjustable straps are ideal for making you feel fully supported.

The clients who have tried this bra love it, and say they would recommend it to a friend. They usually re-order it in different colors. me carries the Goddess 6090 bra in 7 different colors; black, chocolate, fawn, nude, red, pink, and most recently ink.  We offer a variety of cup sizes from 34I to 46K.

If you need help placing your order give us a call at 866-227-2463. 

An inch is always an inch so why is every bra size not the same?

An inch is always an inch so why is every bra size not the same? 

It has the same letters. It has the same numbers. And yet it is not the same, not the same at all.
Is a size 7.5 shoe the same for every shoe? Nope. Is a size 10 in Levi jeans fit the same in every style. Nope. Does every bathing suit fit the same? Nope.
This is why we spend so many hours in a fitting room.
No wonder so many women are wearing the wrong bra size.
If we lay two bras side by side with the same cup size but different band size you can see why every bra is different even though they are the same cup size.
To add to the confusion there is no standardization within the same vendor either.
Women actually need these variations because every single one of our bodies is different.
Here are a few key things to remember:

  1. Every single bra fits differently so it’s okay to buy different sizes
  2. Pick a style that is right for your body not because it’s trendy or pretty
  3. Different outfits need different bras so buy more than one style

Sister sizes are hard to grasp. The key thing to remember is as each band size (the number) increases so does the cup even though the letter remains the same.
So, a 36G and a 40G do not have the same cup size. But wait, they both have the letter G as a cup size. Well, as each band size increases the cup size proportionately increases too.
This means in some styles you can go up or down in the cup size as you change the band size. Here are some examples: a person who wears a 36G can also try these other sizes; 38F or a 34H. See what we did? If you try a bigger band size you can choose a cup one size smaller. If you try a smaller band then choose one cup size larger. Now this doesn’t work every time so you need to use your judgment but don’t be afraid to try it!

In the picture below the top bra is 36G and the bottom is 40G and you can see a big difference in the cup even though they are both G cups.

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