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aBra4Me Celebrates Survivors, Warriors, and All Women During Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and wants all women to take care of themselves by getting regular breast exams. We also want women to get the support they need with attractive and comfortable bras that truly fit. At aBra4Me, we celebrate women every day, and especially during the month of October. So, before the month is over, we invite you to celebrate yourself with a beautiful bra from Elomi, Edith Lances, or Carnival Creations. Or, treat a special woman in your life with a Calida night gown, the perfect lingerie accessory, or a gift card from We carry cup sizes ranging from A to O, and our bands that range from 32 inches to 60 inches, so we have the perfect bra for every woman!

Get the Bra that Perfectly Fits Your Body, Style, and Lifestyle

Busy women with demanding lifestyles need can keep up with their daily activities. They should fit correctly, offer a comfortable level of support, and look great under all types of clothing. Some women want to add a little to their cup sizes with padding, but others feel better in a minimizer bra. For this need, we offer an incredible selection of Edith Lances bras that can minimize your bust by up to two cup sizes!

Fans of Edith Lances will likely tell you that these are not always the easiest bras to find. However, prioritizes this brand to serve women who love the way these bras fit and feel. We also regularly carry the Bali 3470, the Goddess bra 6090, Fully bras 535, and other favorites by brands such as Carnival Creations, Exquisite Bras, and Elila. Check out our selection online, then share your new favorite online bra shop with the other amazing women in your life!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let Support You During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Throughout the Year

At aBra4Me, we believe that women should embrace their curves and treat themselves with high-quality bras and other lingerie items that make them feel and look their best. Order directly from our website or give us a call at (866) 227-2463. You can also reach out to us with any questions you may have through the contact form on our website.

Find the Perfect Bras for the Holidays from!

Strapless Longline Bras

The holidays are just around the corner, so make sure that you are ready for office parties, entertaining with friends, and family get-togethers with the perfect bras from While putting together your list of holiday priorities, you may not immediately think of bras and other intimate apparel. However, if you have the perfect dresses or outfits in mind for those occasion, you want to look your very best in those gorgeous ensembles. Fortunately, offers premier bras from your favorite brands that can give you the support and comfort you need to look and feel beautiful to matter what you wear.

For example, we carry hard-to-find Edith Lances bras (which minimize you by up to two sizes), Elila bras (longline strapless bras, rated as the #1 brand for specialty bras), and Barely There bras. You can also find the perfect Rago body shaper to give you the silhouette you want in that special holiday dress.

Rago Body Shaper

Give the Gift of Comfort and Support this Holiday Season

If you don’t know what to buy for the special ladies on your holiday list, a gift card from aBra4Me is PERFECT. We carry bras to fit all body types (in sizes from A to O and bad sizes from 30-56), tastes, and lifestyles, including sports bras from Brooks and Champion, and beautiful backless and longline bras from Carnival Creations. And for those Edith Lances lovers in your life, we carry the best selection of colors and styles along with affordable pricing.

For ladies who love to relax at home, we offer gorgeous Calida nightgowns in dreamy-soft Egyptian cotton in a palette of pretty colors. These nightgowns offer incredible comfort and charming details such as satin neckline trims and gathered yokes. You should also know that Calida nightgowns are designed in Switzerland and crafted with care in Hungary and Bulgaria.

Calida Nightgowns

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Favorite Bras from!

Before the holiday season swings into full gear, visit to shop the best bras for your holiday looks. You can also find gift cards and gifts for your sisters, mothers, aunts, favorite cousins, and best friends at Shop directly from our website or give us a call at 866-227-2463. You can also reach out to us with your questions through the contact form on our website.

How Often Do You Need to Wash Your Bra?

Freshly laundered bras, including Edith Lances bras.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, most bras can be worn 2-3 times before washing. And they advise bra wearers to give bras a rest day in between wearing to give the elastic a chance to regain its shape. Of course, this advice applies to regular, everyday bras (the ones you wear to work, school, out to dinner, or around town to run errands). Typically, sports bras worn for workout activities including running, Pilates, or Barre Fitness Classes should be washed after every use. T-shirts, tank tops, and camisoles should also get laundered after every wearing. At aBra4Me, we are not only interested in getting you into the best bras for your body shape, lifestyle, and unique needs. We also want your bras to last and perform beautifully for as long as possible.


So, here are some helpful tips on how to wash and care for your bras.


How to Wash and Store Your Bras from


Every bra wearer should invest in a laundry bag. These bags protect your delicate intimate apparel during the laundry process and prevent hooks from snagging and damaging other clothing. aBra4Me offers the perfect laundry bag from Fashion Forms for only $6.50 ($7.00 for the large size). Just click here for details.

Laundry Bag from Fashion Forms


Next, you should purchase a mild detergent, specially designed for delicate items. Normally, you should use the gentle cycle when washing lingerie items, but always check care labels for specific instructions. Most would say to hand wash but as working women we know there isn’t much time to do that. Finally, avoid tossing bras, camisoles, tanks, stockings, and other underwear items into the dryer. Too much heat can damage the elasticity and shape of your favorite intimate items. Just lay them out flat on a towel.


Then, once your items have air-dried, stack them in your drawers instead of hanging them. Unfortunately, hanging bras and stockings can cause them to stretch out. It is also helpful to line your drawers with fabric to avoid snagging lace, silk, or satin on rough wood edges. In addition, you may opt to put in a scented sachet to make your items smell extra fresh and lovely.

Lingerie Bags from


Find the Bras You Want and Need from carries your favorite bras, including hard-to-find designs from Edith Lances. Shop for Cortland Intimates, Exquisite Form bras, and more. We offer popular styles like Exquisite Form bras 531, Goddess bra 6090, Bali 8700, and Elila 1305. You can order directly from our easy-to-shop website or give us a call at 866-227-2463. You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website.

Both Moms and Daughters Can be Ready for Back-to-School with Bras from aBra4Me

Trust aBra4Me for all of your back-to-school bra needs.

It’s that time again, ladies! As summer comes to an end, students prepare to hit the books again, and it’s time to make sure your wardrobes are ready. For teenage and college-aged ladies, this means making sure that you have the right undergarments to wear with your new outfits. And aBra4Me carries a large selection of supportive bras, sports bras, and strapless bras.

aBra4Me offers beautiful strapless brass from Carnival Creations.

Then, moms shouldn’t forget to treat themselves during this busy and hectic time of the year with practical indulgences from! We have your favorite bras from Goddess, Elomi, Wacoal, Elila, Edith Lances bras, and more. We offer hook front bras, longline bras, and body shapers from Rago and Cortland Foundations as well! carries hard-to-find Edith Lances bras.

aBra4Me Selections for Teens and College-Aged Ladies

For stylish teenagers and young ladies in college, aBra4Me carries fun and fashionable styles to suit every lifestyle, mood, and activity. Grab a cute Bali bra, a move-with-me sports bra from Champion or Brooks, or a pretty, special occasions bra from Elila. We also carry beautiful camisoles from Cinema Etoile for when you need that light, extra layer. Need a little extra support to make that perfect dress fit even better? Look no further than a bodysuit from Va Bien. These wardrobe stables are comfortable and virtually invisible under your clothes!

Get supportive sports bras from Brooks at

aBra4Me Favorites for Busy Moms

If you are like a lot of moms with daughters going back to school, you’re likely doing a lot of shopping right now. Well, don’t forget about you! Pamper yourself with a beautiful, supportive bra from Carnival Creations, Exquisite Form, or Edith Lances. Or, for quiet nights at home, relax in an Egyptian cotton nightgown from Calida – you won’t believe how soft they are! If you want the perfect amount of shaping for your office attire, pick up a girdle, bodysuit, or longline bra from Cortland Intimates.

Get a comfy, soft, Egyptian cotton nightgown from Calida at

Visit for All of Your Intimate and Supportive Needs

You can order directly from our website or call aBra4Me at 1 (866) A-BRA-4-Me (Mon-Sat, 9 AM-6 PM EST) or 1 (248) 499-6303 (Mon-Sat, 9 AM-6 PM EST). You can also reach out to us with question through the contact form on the website.

Find Bridal Bras and Undergarment Accessories for Your Special Day at

Bridal Collection

As a bride-to-be, you want everything to be perfect on your special day, and this goes right down to your undergarments. You want to feel beautiful and well-supported, and aBra4Me has everything you need to ensure that your gown fits perfectly and you have all the confidence in the world as you walk down the aisle and then off to your reception to dance the night away.


Bridal Bras Fit for a Queen from Carnival, Elila, and More


For starters, check out the stunning Carnival 313 from Carnival Creations. This is a strapless lace bustier with a flattering silhouette, light boning, and removable garters. This is the classic bridal bustier in white or black, and it’s 20% off on

Carnival 313


Carnival 423 is also a fantastic choice for brides and members of the wedding party. Created by Carnival Creations, Carnival 423 features a high back bustier and light boning that gently cinches the waist. Adjustable garters complete the look, and both Carnival 313 and Carnival 423 look gorgeous paired with thigh hi stockings from Berkshire.

Carnival 423


If you want to keep things simple, but elegant, Carnival 203 is a backless, strapless bra that comes in white, black, or champagne. And, because it hooks at the waist, it’s perfect for backless gowns. The Carnival 203 also features strategically placed front boning to provide the perfect amount of tummy control. Also, like many of our bridal pieces, it is now available on at 20% off the original price.

Carnival 203


At aBra4Me, we also proudly carry a full selection of Elila strapless bras in all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your dress and provide the exact look and support you’re looking for. Or, if you need barely-there coverage, Fashion Forms provides pasties (Breast Petals) and adhesive cup bras to keep you looking gorgeous and supported without any fuss.


Let Support You on Your Special Day


aBra4Me is your One-Stop Shop for bridal lingerie. We carry an incredible selection of longline bras, strapless bras, and bustiers in all levels of support. We also specialize in full figure bras and hard-to-find sizes, so we have the bra that’s perfect for you. You can also find a full selection of Berkshire stockings. And, again, many items from our exquisite bridal collection are on sale right now!


Visit, and please call us at 1(866) A-BRA-4-ME if you have any questions. Or, you can connect with us through the contact form on our website.

How long should a bra last?

How long should a bra last?

How long should a bra last??? That’s a question I get almost daily.You would think it would be an easy calculated answer but it is not.Sometimes you just know when you bra has had enough and needs to get tossed in the donation pile. Now you might think, what did she just say? YES, I said donation pile. I will hit on that topic at the end. 

The longevity of a bra is usually 6-8 months. Wacoal recommends after a 100 washings. A thru D cups might last a bit longer than DD-N cups. Now that depends on how many you have and how often you wear them. Also, you need to follow the washing instruction’s that was the topic of our last blog. 

Unlike me, most women have any where from 2 bras to 7. I hear a lot of woman say that they have one for everyday of the week. I have no idea how many I own but like most woman I gravitate to a chosen few. 

A good way to tell that your bra has lost it’s lifespan is when the elastic is stretched out. Are you getting enough support? Are your breasts jiggling as you walk.  Is the padding all clumped together and not smooth? Is it so loose that even the tightest hook doesn’t keep it in place? These are all good questions to consider. 

Don’t wait for the underwire's to pop out or getting holes it the cup. Then you waited too long. 

Nursing and sports bras won’t last that long. They get a lot more abuse from wear and stains.Make the investment in a good bra. You wouldn't think anything of it when you spend $30-$100 on a sweater or a pair of jeans that you might wear once a month. You wear a bra everyday and remember that sweater won’t look good if you are not wearing a good bra underneath. 

Now back to the donation part. Most women do not think of donating a used bra. Women’s shelters are in dyer need of undergarments. I’m not telling you to donate a torn or mangled bra but donate gently used ones and help a woman in need. 

Why Women Trust Edith Lances Bras for Comfortable, Well-Crafted Support

Edith Lances BrasWomen with large busts often struggle to find a bra that truly fits their needs. However, after purchasing their first Edith Lances bra, most ladies who require minimizing support from their undergarments never look back. Their search is over.

For well over 69 years, Edith Lances has been the go-to option for women who want a truly supportive, attractive, and well-crafted bra that is made to last. Believe it or not, any Edith Lances brazier can make the wearer look a full TWO cup sizes smaller. This feature alone expands your wardrobe options and allows you to feel more comfortable in the latest fashion trends.

Edith Lances bra, supportive bra for plus size women

The Edith Lances Tradition Continues at

In addition, because they offer so much support, Edith Lances bras are great for migraine sufferers and anyone with back issues or chronic shoulder or neck pain. Also, because of their unique design and superb craftsmanship, undergarments from Edith Lances are comfortable to wear. They feature a unique one piece underwire that doesn’t dig into your underarms. So, you can confidently wear your bra all day and into the evening without the annoying pulls and pinches commonly associated with other minimizer bras.

Rest assured, too, that all Edith Lances bras are proudly crafted in the USA by union workers, using USA parts exclusively. Of course, now, it is a little more difficult to find a reliable retailer with a full selection of Edith Lances bras. Luckily, though, for fans of Edith Lances who won’t accept anything less than the very best in comfort and support, is your source for all things Edith Lances. They offer a huge selection of Edith Lances undergarments at unbeatable prices. And, right now, will give you free shipping on any Edith Lances order.

So, visit today to find your perfect bra for your active lifestyle. Started in 1985, has been helping women of all shapes and sizes find undergarments that truly fit their needs for well over thirty years. As a company, their goal is to help you find the support you need in a style that you’ll love.

How To Properly Wash Your Bras

This might seem like a simple task but there are many ways to launder bras. The goal is to make them last and not break them while washing.

The number #1 rule would be to hand wash. Some woman wear them into the shower and wash them with body wash or shampoo. I don't think I have ever tried that but I suppose it would save some time.

For those of us who don't have time to hand wash, we suggest using a laundry bag. 

With our schedules this is the easiest way to keep the agitator in the washing machine from breaking your underwire, bending it or poking through. The washing machine can also stretch out bra without an underwire. Let's not forget the clumps you can get from padded bras. The mesh bag will keep the bra contained but while this is not fool proof, the odds are much better at saving your bra. Just clasp the back of the bra, put it in a mesh bag and throw it in the machine on a short gentle cycle. 

Any detergent will do but stay away from anything with bleach. 

Rule #2 is an absolute must. DO NOT throw your bra in the dryer. It's the worst thing you can do to lycra and every bra has lycra. Either hang to dry or lay them on top of the dryer. As the dryer is drying your clothes the heat rises and that's enough to dry a bra.

Most people wash their bras after 2 times of wear. Sports bras should get a cool rinse if you don't wash them after every use. Every person's body is different so it depends on your bra size and how much you perspire. 

We hope that helps the laundress in your household.
Please feel free to ask any questions on this blog or to 

Animal prints will never go away. How many do you own?

Every girl should have something leopard print in her closet. Either a sweater, a jacket, a pair of shoes and defiantly a bra (or two). Leopard prints at one time showed a sign of elite status. Men hunted and used skins to show signs of wealth.

Leopar print - aBra4Me

The Royals and actors/actresses made leopard prints popular with dresses, coats and pants. I can remember as a kid watching First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (whom I was named after) wearing that iconic leopard coat. Women, including my mother ran out to buy one.

Jacqueline Kennedy aBra4me - Animal Print

Who can forget Rod Stewart running around the stage in those leopard pants?

Rod Stewart - Animal Print Pants - aBra4me

Facebook fan asked this question:
"TE" In terms of color, is black much more popular than red? Do you think seasonal differences make that much difference in color selection?

What a great question! In the last 31 years of being in the intimate apparel business I can honestly say I’ve watched some major trends come and go. I can tell you in all those years nude and black bras have always remained the #1 selling colors. On the onset of each season either nude or black will have a surge along with red and animal prints. Other colors and prints make appearances but why have animal prints never become boring? We sell leopard prints all year long!

“We feel sexy and feminine when we wear animal prints which is why we were

so inspired to create our supportive leopard lace collection.”

- Ellen Jacobson of Elila -

Check out our favorite animal print bras:

Picture of Lunaire #15211 Barbados BraElila 2211Picture of Goddess #6160 Kayla Bra 50% OFF

Animal prints will never go away. How many do you own? 


Top 5 Sports Bras For Your New Year Resolutions

Start working on your New Year’s resolutions with the perfect sports bra for you! If you are ready to hit the gym and you are looking for the perfect bra for working out, check out at this list we put together with our Top 5 favorite sports bras.

  1. Brooks sports bras are designed to move with you comfortably, regardless of shape or size. One of our favorites is the Brooks #350067. This sports bra is ideal for fuller cupped women. Thanks to the padded convertible straps, fitted design and compression materials this bra offers great comfort and support.


  1. Our next featured sports bra is the high to medium impact Brooks #350054. This underwire sports bra provides generous coverage. The bra uses molded shapes to help you maintain shape and the underwire helps provide additional support for your breast. The gel padded straps help provide superior fit and comfort.





  1. The Goddess #6940 is a great sports bra with no wire and soft cups. The advanced fabric technology materials used in this bra have anti-microbial, and moisture management properties. This bra also comes with padded straps for added support and comfort. If you’d like to buy this same style in grey color search for the Goddess #6911

 Goddess 6940


  1. If you are looking for a bra that can help you minimize the bounce while working out, try the Elomi #8041. The Elomi Energise Underwire bra has a unique construction. This bra has a higher neckline to offer additional control. The non-compression design helps separate, shape and support your bust. This sports bra will make you look and feel ready to work out.


  1. Our #1 Selling Sports bra is the Lunaire #1111. This is an award-winning bra that provides superior support for full- busted women. This sports bra us made with a fabric that dries 5 times faster than cotton. The CoolMax breathable lining helps wick away moisture from the skin. The encapsulation design helps separate the breast giving you additional compression and support.

 Lunaire 1111


 If you need help choosing the right sports bra for yourself, make sure to give us a call, we will be happy to assist with the sizing and any other questions you might have.

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