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Spring Cleaning (your lingerie)

Just like spring cleaning for the rest of your closet, you should do so for your lingerie as well. Most women don’t realize when it’s time to get rid of their bra and purchase a new one. The thing is, there’s no exact timeline when you should get a new bra. It depends on different factors, including how often each bra is worn, and the quality of the bra that you purchased. Bras are not meant to last forever, so we should get to know when it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite ones. Let’s take a closer look at when it’s time to invest in a new bra from abra4me. 

Is your current bra loose even when it’s on the tightest hook? 
A bra should fit snugly against your torso. It shouldn’t be shift or be easily pulled away from your body.

Have the molded cups lost their shape? 
When the cups begin to lose their shape, not only are they unflattering, they no longer support you the way that they should. They begin to become more uncomfortable more they lose their original form. Never put a padded bra in the washer or dryer.  

Does your bra have holes in it? 
Once a bra starts to wear holes into it, the fabric loses its integrity. It’s not just about the bra no longer looking cute anymore.

Are the wires broken or breaking through the cup? 
No one should have to deal with the irritation that a broken wire in a bra can cause. Once it starts breaking through the cup of the bra, it can become a pain in the side quite literally. Always wash bras by hand especially an underwire bra. We also sell mesh lingerie bags if you are going to use a washing machine.

Has your body changed, or do you need a new size? 
Everyone’s body changes throughout time. There is no avoiding it. Sometimes it could mean that you need a new bra size, and sometimes maybe just a new style bra that provides support a little differently than your last.  Gained or lost a few pounds? That might be just enough to change a bra size. 

Are the hooks on your bra broken or ripped out? 
This one may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s just difficult to want to let go of our favorite bra. If it’s not closing properly though, it’s not going to embrace you the way you need it to.  Don’t be upset. Bras are only meant to last 6-9 months depending on your size.

If any of these bra malfunctions are happening to you, then it’s time for you to browse for your next high-quality bra. We have a variety of different types, styles and brands for you to choose from for you to find your perfect fit and your new favorite bra.

Mother's Day

It was Washington Irving who once said “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still she will cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” Our mothers deserve only the best in life. Which is why our Calida nightgowns are one of the best gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day.

These nightgowns are the best quality, they are durable, and they provide exquisite comfort. Made of Egyptian Cotton and lined with a satin trim around the neckline, these gowns are soft and lightweight on your skin. Though, this shouldn’t be a surprise to many since Calida is renowned for their high quality.

Calida is a leading manufacturer in Switzerland and they have an international reputation. They produce beautiful, high-quality lingerie and activewear for women. They create styles that are clean, classic, and stay in style year after year. In fact, we have been selling these nightgowns since we started our business 33 ½ years ago! These nightgowns would provide your mother with the comfort and style that she deserves.

aBra4 Your Wedding Day!

Now that you’ve said “Yes to the Dress!”, you’ll have to figure out what you want to wear underneath it — which is not as easy as it sounds.

With this day being one of the most exciting and important days of your life, we know you want to look stunning but also lifted, contoured and comfortable. is here to help you find the perfect bridal undergarments for your special day. Our expert attention to style will help you figure out the right undergarment for your dress.

The popularity of backless, strapless, deep-v, or otherwise skin-exposing gowns lend it more difficult to find a bra that won’t show through when you’re walking down the aisle, let alone moving around and dancing.

Even with that said, bridal undergarments are absolutely a personal choice. The most important factor is that you are comfortable in whatever garments you’ve chosen! We have compiled a variety of our top-sellers below so you can decide what’s best for you.

If your dress is strapless, our most popular backless bra is the Carnival #203. This backless strapless bra hooks at the waist in the back, has cups lightly lined with fiberfill, is sleek and smooth with a sweetheart neck line. It is made of double-knit nylon and lightly lined with fiberfill and has
strategically placed front boning providing extra tummy control. It also has a 2” elastic waistband to prevent ride up.

The Carnival #206 is another backless strapless bra with an invisible plunge neckline. It is extremely smooth as it is made of silk microfiber. It has molded demi cups to create a sleek look even under the sheerest fabric.

Another we recommend is the Carnival #237 backless and strapless longline bra. It’s tuxedo style, light lining in cups and deep plunge front and back give you the perfect contour and fit while providing that extra tummy control. It also has a 2” elastic waistband to prevent ride up.

Unlike most places, is the place for the full-figured bride too. Our Elila 6621 and 6421 goes up to H cups and holds unparalleled in the market. They also have a covered bottom band to the hip for an invisible look. carries a variety of strapless bras to for your special day. Be sure to visit our Bridal Collections product page to find what’s best for you. We also have body shapers, underwear, bustiers and other undergarments to suit your fancy.

Choosing the Right Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra

Breast changes begin in the first trimester of pregnancy, and most mothers outgrow their pre-pregnancy bras right along with their skinny jeans. If you’re buying new bras during pregnancy, make sure to buy ones that FIT. Do not buy loose bras or nursing bras because you always want to make sure your breast tissues are held properly and supported. Save all bras as you will be able to wear at some point in your breastfeeding career and as you lose weight after birth.

What Kind of Bra To Buy?

Nursing bras are designed with cups that open. You can open the flap on the cup so that baby can nurse while the rest of the bra stays in place. Here’s what to look for when you shop:

  • Flaps should be easily opened with one hand. If you can refasten them with one hand, that’s even better depending on your cup size. Remember, your other arm will be holding a hungry baby. For discreet nursing in public, choose a bra with fasteners that you can open without looking at them.

  • The bra should support the breast from beneath even when the cup is open. This makes feeding more comfortable and reclosing the bra less of a struggle.
  • Avoid bras that open completely at the front for a feeding. You’ll have a hard time wrestling your breasts back into place when you’re done nursing 

  • Nursing bras should fit comfortably. Bras that are too tight can leave you vulnerable to plugged ducts and breast infections in the parts of the breast where straps or underwires block the flow of milk.
  • If you do choose an underwire bra, be very particular about the fit. The breast’s milk-producing tissue extends all the way back to your rib cage and up into your armpit. Depending on your shape and if your stomach is high, you may not be able to wear an underwire.  Don’t be upset.  All nursing styles we carry are VERY strong and supportive as if you are wearing a wire.
  • Cups should be made of a breathable fabric. This is usually 100 percent cotton or microfiber although some of the newer synthetics also allow the skin to breathe. Other synthetics trap moisture next to the nipples and encourage bacterial growth and soreness. Don’t buy a bra with a plastic lining.
  • You’ll need at least three bras: one to wear, one in the laundry, and one in the drawer. Owning a few more means you’ll have to wash less often.

  • At first buy only one of a particular style, to test it. When you find a bra you really like, purchase more of that style.


What Size?

How do you know what size bra to buy? Since breasts change dramatically postpartum, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Your breasts will enlarge as your milk “comes in” after birth, so perhaps purchase one or two cup size bigger than what you’re wearing. These will get you through your first several weeks postpartum.  Your rib cage will decrease once the baby is born so do not buy a larger rib cage.

  • When your breast size settles down, usually after the second week, purchase additional bras that fit well.

  • Most nursing bras have several rows of hooks at the back to allow for changes in breast size and in rib cage expansion during pregnancy. If you buy a bra that fits well when fastened on the second row of hooks, you’ll have room to get a bit bigger and a bit smaller. Because the flaps are open on the sides, there’s also some room for expansion in the cups of most nursing bras.

  • Large breasted women need a bra with extra support.  We have them up to an M cup.

Do You Really Need A Nursing Bra?

Some mothers prefer to wear a nursing bra while they are breastfeeding. They’re more comfortable with the added support of a nursing bra. For others, especially those who are smaller-breasted, become more casual about bras as time goes on. Some women even choose to go braless.  This is a bad idea because the weight of the milk will pull your breast down and tear your tissues.  Others may choose stretchy non-nursing bras that can be lifted above the breast and then pulled back into place after feeding.

Do you absolutely need the support of a good bra while breastfeeding? Will it prevent sagging and stretching? YES!  Always support your breast no matter an A to an M cup.  Not doing so will tear tissues from the inside even if you can see it on the outside.


Where To Buy?

You can buy nursing bras online at They provide options that feature necessary qualities in pretty styles that you'll feel good about wearing. We carry the best nursing bras from Elila (Eilla #1613 Nursing Bra)  and Leading Lady (Leading Lady #4338 Nursing Bra) at incredible prices.  Pick one up for yourself or the new mom in your life today and enjoy 20%-50% off!

The Benefits of Body Shapers

body shaper

There are many benefits to wearing body contouring shapewear when you need to look your best that important event. After all, looking good is important especially when you have that perfect outfit and don't want to look like you squeezed into it!

Body shapers are a great solution for achieving that slimmer, more toned look in clothes that would otherwise be a little too tight.

Shapewear Benefits

A few of the major benefits to wearing these body contouring undergarments are:

  •         an instantly slimmer figure
  •         a better appearance under tighter clothing
  •         that they are relatively inexpensive
  •         invisible beneath clothes
  •         complimentary to your weight loss diet and fitness program

Here is a bit more depth information in relation to those bullet points above.

Slimmer Figure

There is no question that wearing good quality shape wear can help to reduce the look of your physical appearance. Some even report inches off their thighs, tummy and backside while others claim they look several pounds lighter and can fit into clothes a size or two smaller than they would normally wear.

Looking Good

First impressions do count!  Your appearance means a lot and people form their initial opinion about you in the first few seconds of meeting you.

Shapewear provides an easy way to look slimmer than you really are by gently contouring your body. It works best on producing slimmer thighs and smaller, better shaped backside, creating a flatter tummy and contouring the upper body, with underwear garments designed to work on different areas or whole body wrap targeting all areas.

If you’ve recently had a baby, shapewear helps to that stretched skin tucked in until you get back to normal.


Many shapewear undergarments can be purchased for under $50 depending on the brand and actual garment itself. Smaller items such as lower tummy and backside contouring briefs generally cost less while full body fitting wraps will cost more.

Compared to other weight loss or body toning solutions, shapewear can represent a considerable savings, especially when compared to cosmetic surgery or high-end diet programs.

Invisible Beneath Clothes

Thanks to the advanced, microfiber construction of the Lycra-based fabric that makes up these undergarments, the resulting sheerness of the material makes them virtually invisible beneath clothing. That means the only person that needs to know is you!

aBra4Me carries a wide variety of body shapers for different areas of your body.  One of our best sellers is the Rago #6207 focused on shaping the waist, hips, tummy and derriere with four ply padded lace control panels.  It is also made in the USA and comes with removable garters.  This is a must for holding in that postpartum belly and keeping  it taut.

aBra4Me has the right body shaper for that perfect outfit and will give you the confidence to feel good in it. 

The Best Sports Bra for Different Sports

Best Sports Bra

Different types of sports involve different levels of impact. For a woman, this could create pain or injury if they are not properly supported with the right sports bra. The designers take different sports into consideration when creating each sports bra.

The Best Sports Bra for Running

Running is a high-impact sport. This means that there is more bounce during this sport, so be sure to find a sports bra that provides maximum support. Since this sport is a cardio sport, you are more likely to sweat excessively. To help with this problem, look for a bra that was made with fabric that draws moisture away from the skin. It is also suggested to wear a bra with as few seams as possible if you chose to go on longer runs, in order to prevent chafing. Straps that don’t fall of is imperative, so most women prefer racerback bras for running. Great styles would be Lunaire #11111; Elomi #8041Brooks #350067 and Wacoal #855170

Best Sports Bra for Yoga

Yoga is considered you wouldn’t need as much support participate. It is good to have enough support to keep you in place during practice though. Look for a fitted underband, and enough coverage at the top and sides of the bust, so that you won’t fall out during inversion poses. Lightweight bras are best in this case, because anything to tight and bulky would restrict movement across the shoulder blades. Our suggestions would be Goddess #6910/6911; Champion #1602; and Brooks 350042.

Best Sports Bra for the Gym

This is fully dependent on the type of workout you will take part in while you are there. A cardio workout, like high-impact class, using the treadmill, or ellipticals, it is best to look for maximum support. If you choose to do weight lifting or resistance training, then a lighter sports bra would be enough.  Goddess #6910/6911; Champion #1602; Brooks 350042Glamorise #1066 and #1006.

Best Sports Bra for Cycling

Even though road cycling is considered low-impact, it is best not to use a light bra. There is still a decent amount of movement involved, and you’ll need to wear something that will draw away the sweat. A medium sports bra would be enough for this sport.  Check out styles for small busted women Carnival #600-601 and larger sizes Lunaire #11111Elomi #8041 and Brooks #350054 carries a variety of sports bras to suit your sport and exercise needs. Be sure to visit our sports bra product page to find what you’re looking for today!

Shop aBra4Me - sports bras

aBra4Me Celebrates Survivors, Warriors, and All Women During Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and wants all women to take care of themselves by getting regular breast exams. We also want women to get the support they need with attractive and comfortable bras that truly fit. At aBra4Me, we celebrate women every day, and especially during the month of October. So, before the month is over, we invite you to celebrate yourself with a beautiful bra from Elomi, Edith Lances, or Carnival Creations. Or, treat a special woman in your life with a Calida night gown, the perfect lingerie accessory, or a gift card from We carry cup sizes ranging from A to O, and our bands that range from 32 inches to 60 inches, so we have the perfect bra for every woman!

Get the Bra that Perfectly Fits Your Body, Style, and Lifestyle

Busy women with demanding lifestyles need can keep up with their daily activities. They should fit correctly, offer a comfortable level of support, and look great under all types of clothing. Some women want to add a little to their cup sizes with padding, but others feel better in a minimizer bra. For this need, we offer an incredible selection of Edith Lances bras that can minimize your bust by up to two cup sizes!

Fans of Edith Lances will likely tell you that these are not always the easiest bras to find. However, prioritizes this brand to serve women who love the way these bras fit and feel. We also regularly carry the Bali 3470, the Goddess bra 6090, Fully bras 535, and other favorites by brands such as Carnival Creations, Exquisite Bras, and Elila. Check out our selection online, then share your new favorite online bra shop with the other amazing women in your life!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let Support You During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Throughout the Year

At aBra4Me, we believe that women should embrace their curves and treat themselves with high-quality bras and other lingerie items that make them feel and look their best. Order directly from our website or give us a call at (866) 227-2463. You can also reach out to us with any questions you may have through the contact form on our website.

Find the Perfect Bras for the Holidays from!

Strapless Longline Bras

The holidays are just around the corner, so make sure that you are ready for office parties, entertaining with friends, and family get-togethers with the perfect bras from While putting together your list of holiday priorities, you may not immediately think of bras and other intimate apparel. However, if you have the perfect dresses or outfits in mind for those occasion, you want to look your very best in those gorgeous ensembles. Fortunately, offers premier bras from your favorite brands that can give you the support and comfort you need to look and feel beautiful to matter what you wear.

For example, we carry hard-to-find Edith Lances bras (which minimize you by up to two sizes), Elila bras (longline strapless bras, rated as the #1 brand for specialty bras), and Barely There bras. You can also find the perfect Rago body shaper to give you the silhouette you want in that special holiday dress.

Rago Body Shaper

Give the Gift of Comfort and Support this Holiday Season

If you don’t know what to buy for the special ladies on your holiday list, a gift card from aBra4Me is PERFECT. We carry bras to fit all body types (in sizes from A to O and bad sizes from 30-56), tastes, and lifestyles, including sports bras from Brooks and Champion, and beautiful backless and longline bras from Carnival Creations. And for those Edith Lances lovers in your life, we carry the best selection of colors and styles along with affordable pricing.

For ladies who love to relax at home, we offer gorgeous Calida nightgowns in dreamy-soft Egyptian cotton in a palette of pretty colors. These nightgowns offer incredible comfort and charming details such as satin neckline trims and gathered yokes. You should also know that Calida nightgowns are designed in Switzerland and crafted with care in Hungary and Bulgaria.

Calida Nightgowns

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Favorite Bras from!

Before the holiday season swings into full gear, visit to shop the best bras for your holiday looks. You can also find gift cards and gifts for your sisters, mothers, aunts, favorite cousins, and best friends at Shop directly from our website or give us a call at 866-227-2463. You can also reach out to us with your questions through the contact form on our website.

How Often Do You Need to Wash Your Bra?

Freshly laundered bras, including Edith Lances bras.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, most bras can be worn 2-3 times before washing. And they advise bra wearers to give bras a rest day in between wearing to give the elastic a chance to regain its shape. Of course, this advice applies to regular, everyday bras (the ones you wear to work, school, out to dinner, or around town to run errands). Typically, sports bras worn for workout activities including running, Pilates, or Barre Fitness Classes should be washed after every use. T-shirts, tank tops, and camisoles should also get laundered after every wearing. At aBra4Me, we are not only interested in getting you into the best bras for your body shape, lifestyle, and unique needs. We also want your bras to last and perform beautifully for as long as possible.


So, here are some helpful tips on how to wash and care for your bras.


How to Wash and Store Your Bras from


Every bra wearer should invest in a laundry bag. These bags protect your delicate intimate apparel during the laundry process and prevent hooks from snagging and damaging other clothing. aBra4Me offers the perfect laundry bag from Fashion Forms for only $6.50 ($7.00 for the large size). Just click here for details.

Laundry Bag from Fashion Forms


Next, you should purchase a mild detergent, specially designed for delicate items. Normally, you should use the gentle cycle when washing lingerie items, but always check care labels for specific instructions. Most would say to hand wash but as working women we know there isn’t much time to do that. Finally, avoid tossing bras, camisoles, tanks, stockings, and other underwear items into the dryer. Too much heat can damage the elasticity and shape of your favorite intimate items. Just lay them out flat on a towel.


Then, once your items have air-dried, stack them in your drawers instead of hanging them. Unfortunately, hanging bras and stockings can cause them to stretch out. It is also helpful to line your drawers with fabric to avoid snagging lace, silk, or satin on rough wood edges. In addition, you may opt to put in a scented sachet to make your items smell extra fresh and lovely.

Lingerie Bags from


Find the Bras You Want and Need from carries your favorite bras, including hard-to-find designs from Edith Lances. Shop for Cortland Intimates, Exquisite Form bras, and more. We offer popular styles like Exquisite Form bras 531, Goddess bra 6090, Bali 8700, and Elila 1305. You can order directly from our easy-to-shop website or give us a call at 866-227-2463. You can also reach out to us through the contact form on our website.

Both Moms and Daughters Can be Ready for Back-to-School with Bras from aBra4Me

Trust aBra4Me for all of your back-to-school bra needs.

It’s that time again, ladies! As summer comes to an end, students prepare to hit the books again, and it’s time to make sure your wardrobes are ready. For teenage and college-aged ladies, this means making sure that you have the right undergarments to wear with your new outfits. And aBra4Me carries a large selection of supportive bras, sports bras, and strapless bras.

aBra4Me offers beautiful strapless brass from Carnival Creations.

Then, moms shouldn’t forget to treat themselves during this busy and hectic time of the year with practical indulgences from! We have your favorite bras from Goddess, Elomi, Wacoal, Elila, Edith Lances bras, and more. We offer hook front bras, longline bras, and body shapers from Rago and Cortland Foundations as well! carries hard-to-find Edith Lances bras.

aBra4Me Selections for Teens and College-Aged Ladies

For stylish teenagers and young ladies in college, aBra4Me carries fun and fashionable styles to suit every lifestyle, mood, and activity. Grab a cute Bali bra, a move-with-me sports bra from Champion or Brooks, or a pretty, special occasions bra from Elila. We also carry beautiful camisoles from Cinema Etoile for when you need that light, extra layer. Need a little extra support to make that perfect dress fit even better? Look no further than a bodysuit from Va Bien. These wardrobe stables are comfortable and virtually invisible under your clothes!

Get supportive sports bras from Brooks at

aBra4Me Favorites for Busy Moms

If you are like a lot of moms with daughters going back to school, you’re likely doing a lot of shopping right now. Well, don’t forget about you! Pamper yourself with a beautiful, supportive bra from Carnival Creations, Exquisite Form, or Edith Lances. Or, for quiet nights at home, relax in an Egyptian cotton nightgown from Calida – you won’t believe how soft they are! If you want the perfect amount of shaping for your office attire, pick up a girdle, bodysuit, or longline bra from Cortland Intimates.

Get a comfy, soft, Egyptian cotton nightgown from Calida at

Visit for All of Your Intimate and Supportive Needs

You can order directly from our website or call aBra4Me at 1 (866) A-BRA-4-Me (Mon-Sat, 9 AM-6 PM EST) or 1 (248) 499-6303 (Mon-Sat, 9 AM-6 PM EST). You can also reach out to us with question through the contact form on the website.

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