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Staying Fit During the Holidays!

With the season’s greetings fast-approaching, the holiday traditions begin, and the food is almost always delectably irresistible. It’s been a really long year filled with many ups and downs, but you’ve managed to stay true to your own health and continued to keep your workout regime in check (some days are better than others). One of the most important things to consider during the holiday season is how hard you have worked this year. You don’t want to let a piece of pie at Thanksgiving ruin your hard work. So, keep your head up and stay on track! We can help you maintain your progress here at

Fortunately, offers premium sports bras and form-fitting girdles from your favorite brands that can give you the support and comfort you need to look and feel beautiful to matter what you wear during the holiday season. Many of our sports bras come equipped to perform during your winter workouts and exercise activities. From adjustable gel-cushioned straps help relieve stress on shoulders, to mesh panels to add cool ventilation exactly where you need it, our bras help you stay sweat-free and chafe-free when all you want to do is work out some bottled up winter energy.

In addition to keeping to your everyday workout routine, try switching it up often. It’s fantastic if you decide to keep hustling and maintain your routine throughout the winter. But it’s never a bad thing to bring in some other activities that supplement your daily workout regimen. Think about things that you could do all of the time, not just in winter: take the stairs, travel on foot versus public transit or car, or even taking up a hot yoga class to counteract the bitter cold days. Though, it’s great to be able to get out and get some fresh air whenever possible (even if the temperatures are decreasing).

But we know how it is. It’s the holiday season, and all those delicious treats from friends, family, and co-workers aren’t going to eat themselves. For the days that you just want to feel comfortable, has a selection of girdles that will provide you with both quality comfort and an overall peace-of-mind. We carry several different styles and brands of girdles that will allow you to simply enjoy the festivities of the season.

With free shipping on orders $100 and above, has the quality products here for you! For example, we carry hard-to-find Edith Lances bras (which minimize you by up to two sizes), Elila bras (longline strapless bras, rated as the #1 brand for specialty bras), and Barely There bras. You can also find the perfect Rago body shaper to give you the silhouette you want in that special holiday dress.

At aBra4Me, we believe that women should embrace their curves and treat themselves with high-quality bras and other lingerie items that make them feel and look their best. Order directly from our website or give us a call at (866) 227-2463. You can also reach out to us with any questions you may have through the contact form on our website.

The Benefits of Body Shapers

body shaper

There are many benefits to wearing body contouring shapewear when you need to look your best that important event. After all, looking good is important especially when you have that perfect outfit and don't want to look like you squeezed into it!

Body shapers are a great solution for achieving that slimmer, more toned look in clothes that would otherwise be a little too tight.

Shapewear Benefits

A few of the major benefits to wearing these body contouring undergarments are:

  •         an instantly slimmer figure
  •         a better appearance under tighter clothing
  •         that they are relatively inexpensive
  •         invisible beneath clothes
  •         complimentary to your weight loss diet and fitness program

Here is a bit more depth information in relation to those bullet points above.

Slimmer Figure

There is no question that wearing good quality shape wear can help to reduce the look of your physical appearance. Some even report inches off their thighs, tummy and backside while others claim they look several pounds lighter and can fit into clothes a size or two smaller than they would normally wear.

Looking Good

First impressions do count!  Your appearance means a lot and people form their initial opinion about you in the first few seconds of meeting you.

Shapewear provides an easy way to look slimmer than you really are by gently contouring your body. It works best on producing slimmer thighs and smaller, better shaped backside, creating a flatter tummy and contouring the upper body, with underwear garments designed to work on different areas or whole body wrap targeting all areas.

If you’ve recently had a baby, shapewear helps to that stretched skin tucked in until you get back to normal.


Many shapewear undergarments can be purchased for under $50 depending on the brand and actual garment itself. Smaller items such as lower tummy and backside contouring briefs generally cost less while full body fitting wraps will cost more.

Compared to other weight loss or body toning solutions, shapewear can represent a considerable savings, especially when compared to cosmetic surgery or high-end diet programs.

Invisible Beneath Clothes

Thanks to the advanced, microfiber construction of the Lycra-based fabric that makes up these undergarments, the resulting sheerness of the material makes them virtually invisible beneath clothing. That means the only person that needs to know is you!

aBra4Me carries a wide variety of body shapers for different areas of your body.  One of our best sellers is the Rago #6207 focused on shaping the waist, hips, tummy and derriere with four ply padded lace control panels.  It is also made in the USA and comes with removable garters.  This is a must for holding in that postpartum belly and keeping  it taut.

aBra4Me has the right body shaper for that perfect outfit and will give you the confidence to feel good in it. 

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