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How long should a bra last?

How long should a bra last?

How long should a bra last??? That’s a question I get almost daily.You would think it would be an easy calculated answer but it is not.Sometimes you just know when you bra has had enough and needs to get tossed in the donation pile. Now you might think, what did she just say? YES, I said donation pile. I will hit on that topic at the end. 

The longevity of a bra is usually 6-8 months. Wacoal recommends after a 100 washings. A thru D cups might last a bit longer than DD-N cups. Now that depends on how many you have and how often you wear them. Also, you need to follow the washing instruction’s that was the topic of our last blog. 

Unlike me, most women have any where from 2 bras to 7. I hear a lot of woman say that they have one for everyday of the week. I have no idea how many I own but like most woman I gravitate to a chosen few. 

A good way to tell that your bra has lost it’s lifespan is when the elastic is stretched out. Are you getting enough support? Are your breasts jiggling as you walk.  Is the padding all clumped together and not smooth? Is it so loose that even the tightest hook doesn’t keep it in place? These are all good questions to consider. 

Don’t wait for the underwire's to pop out or getting holes it the cup. Then you waited too long. 

Nursing and sports bras won’t last that long. They get a lot more abuse from wear and stains.Make the investment in a good bra. You wouldn't think anything of it when you spend $30-$100 on a sweater or a pair of jeans that you might wear once a month. You wear a bra everyday and remember that sweater won’t look good if you are not wearing a good bra underneath. 

Now back to the donation part. Most women do not think of donating a used bra. Women’s shelters are in dyer need of undergarments. I’m not telling you to donate a torn or mangled bra but donate gently used ones and help a woman in need. 

Why Women Trust Edith Lances Bras for Comfortable, Well-Crafted Support

Edith Lances BrasWomen with large busts often struggle to find a bra that truly fits their needs. However, after purchasing their first Edith Lances bra, most ladies who require minimizing support from their undergarments never look back. Their search is over.

For well over 69 years, Edith Lances has been the go-to option for women who want a truly supportive, attractive, and well-crafted bra that is made to last. Believe it or not, any Edith Lances brazier can make the wearer look a full TWO cup sizes smaller. This feature alone expands your wardrobe options and allows you to feel more comfortable in the latest fashion trends.

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In addition, because they offer so much support, Edith Lances bras are great for migraine sufferers and anyone with back issues or chronic shoulder or neck pain. Also, because of their unique design and superb craftsmanship, undergarments from Edith Lances are comfortable to wear. They feature a unique one piece underwire that doesn’t dig into your underarms. So, you can confidently wear your bra all day and into the evening without the annoying pulls and pinches commonly associated with other minimizer bras.

Rest assured, too, that all Edith Lances bras are proudly crafted in the USA by union workers, using USA parts exclusively. Of course, now, it is a little more difficult to find a reliable retailer with a full selection of Edith Lances bras. Luckily, though, for fans of Edith Lances who won’t accept anything less than the very best in comfort and support, is your source for all things Edith Lances. They offer a huge selection of Edith Lances undergarments at unbeatable prices. And, right now, will give you free shipping on any Edith Lances order.

So, visit today to find your perfect bra for your active lifestyle. Started in 1985, has been helping women of all shapes and sizes find undergarments that truly fit their needs for well over thirty years. As a company, their goal is to help you find the support you need in a style that you’ll love.

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