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Mother’s Day Gifts – From Bras to Loungewear – has the Faves

As May flowers start to pop up, we begin to think about Mother’s Day.  The word special is the key adjective when referring to your mom or that special lady in your life.

Your mom is the one person who loves you unconditionally and to her, any flaws or faults you have are invisible. She is who you go to for advice and comfort and sometimes some home cooking.  Her love for you is unending.

Mother’s Day is designed as a special day to honor your mom or special person in your life.  It is a day she is supposed to relax and be pampered.  Many times, brunch is in order, or get-togethers to celebrate “MOM”! 

We also like to shower Mom with a gift or two showing how much we care. has put together a few ideas to help give your special lady some chosen favorites.

Loungewear is always on top of everyone’s list.  Wearing something comfy-cozy when you can just take time to chill and relax is on top of every mom’s list.

montel chemise 9394

Our Montelle #9394 Bust Support Chemise is a flattering A-line style in an ultra-soft.  It is as strong as it is beautiful. The smooth stretch floral lace along the neckline is lined with mesh for support and the microfiber bust is double-lined to enhance your natural shape.
It has soft adjustable straps and pretty lace along the bottom.

exquisite form 30107 night gown

Exquisite Form #30107 Night Gown is made of a silky and breathable nylon tricot knit.  It is knee-length and sleeveless with a comfortable fit V-neckline decorated with a delicate floral embroidery applique and gathered pleats at the bust for a feminine appeal.  This extraordinary gown is designed to move with you during sleep and offers the perfect comfort thanks to its lightweight, breathable, soft, and silky material.                

elomi-4550-priya-underwire-bra    pour moi underwire bra   pour moi underwire bra

Our selection of bras is ahhhh-mazing!  aBra4Me offers all of your favorite brands at discounted prices.  We routinely stock Elila, Exquisite Form, Goddess, Elomi, Cortland (Venus), and more!

There’s no better feeling than finding a bra that not only looks good but feels good, too. Not sure which size is best for them?

aBra4Me gift certificates

We also offer gift certificates so they can choose the exact bra they want without having to spend their own money. The perfect bra from aBra4Me is both a thoughtful and useful gift, look through our site today so you can give someone the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

To learn more, give us a call at (248) 499-6303 or send in an online contact form and we’ll answer any questions you have!


Your Bridal Lingerie Guide

bridal lingerie

Bridal shopping is an exciting time especially when you finally “Say Yes to The Dress”.  Finding the perfect dress for your special day is internal bliss but worth celebrating the dress is not complete without some sexy bridal lingerie underneath. While every bride-to-be searches for the perfect accessories, jewelry, and shoes, bridal lingerie is often overlooked. So here are some words of wisdom for all the brides-to-be out there.  Bridal lingerie should be on top of your to-do list, as what goes under the dress is just as important as the wedding dress itself.

Bridal lingerie is a lot more than just a bra and panties. From bustiers to bras, shapewear to stockings, to sexy nightwear, bridal lingerie shopping can be just as exciting as finding the right dress as these items contain their own fantasies.  It can also be overwhelming with so many styles and items to choose from. has put together a bridal lingerie guide to buying the perfect lingerie for your honeymoon and beyond.

Choosing The Right Bridal Lingerie

Choosing the right type of bridal lingerie most importantly depends on your body shape, the type of dress you are wearing in addition to your personal preference and style.

strapless bridal bra

Carnival Creations #237 Backless Strapless Bra 20% Off

Bridal Bras

Before you get consumed in all that sexy honeymoon lingerie to wow your groom after the reception, the most important thing to keep in mind is to wear the correct fitting lingerie.  This will not only make your wedding dress look even more incredible, but it will ensure that you feel comfortable and supported throughout the day. 

The bridal bra all depends on the style of your dress and your shape.  If the dress needs to have a strapless bra or if you need additional support or padding, you will need to stick with what works best for you.

You can also choose to shop from a range of chic lace and satin styles that have coordinating matching panties to spark chemistry with your husband!

bridal bustier                                   bridal bustier

Carnival Creations #313 Bustier Splendor In Lace                                           Carnival Creations #213 Backless strapless Bra 20% Off


An epitome of sexy, busters help provide the hourglass figure. Bustiers accentuate your cleavage and flatter your waist.

bridal shapewear                           bridal shapewear

Rago #6207 Lacette Girdle 10% Off                                                   Carnival Creations #803 Girdle 20% Off

Shapewear For That Perfect Figure

A not-so-clear complexion and additional pounds are what every bride-to-be fears. We know you would want to fit in just perfectly in every bridal outfit of yours. Relax, there’s always shapewear that will help you look your best!  This shapewear will not only go well under your bridal gown but also under traditional outfits as well. Shapewear will help you tone up your body instantly by targeting your problem areas.

Choose from a variety of shapewear, from thigh shapers to tummy tuckers and body shapers to saree shapers. Pick the one that suits your needs the best and rock your sexy figure!

bridal stockings              silicone gel bra inserts

Berkshire #1361 Stocking                                                                      Nearly Me #20362 Silicone Gel Pads


Bridal Lingerie Accessories

Sometimes you just need that extra little something to make your look complete, and carries a full line of stockings, bra straps, and push-up pads to compliment every outfit, every day. We also offer bra extenders with one, two, three, or four hooks, as well as shoulder cushions, laundry bags, and breast petals. Find what you need or surprise yourself with a new product right here at aBra4Me!

breast petals                                     
Fashion Forms #555S Breast Petals                                            Luscious Laces Lingerie #LL24

aBra4Me wants you to look and feel beautiful on your special day, so we carry a full selection of longline bras, strapless bras, and bustiers in a variety of sizes, colors, and levels of support. Some of our most popular styles include the Carnival 313, the Carnival 423, and the Carnival 203. Get these styles right here or choose from our line of Elila strapless bras. aBra4Me also offers Fashion Forms Breast Petals for barely-there coverage and a great selection of Berkshire stockings to finish off your look.

Shop’s bridal collection.

Love Your Lingerie!  

Who doesn’t love a sexy piece of lingerie?  We certainly do! Lingerie was designed primarily to make the wearer feel sexy or sweet, relaxed or sensual. The beautiful thing about lingerie is that you don’t necessarily need an occasion to wear it! You can easily slip into your favorite outfit or even wear it underneath your comfy loungewear. Who cares? It is all about you, right! 

During this Valentine’s month of love, continue your “self-care” and “self-love” routines by wearing your favorites and feeling good underneath it all.  You can also create a sexy space for your lingerie. This space can be a section in your closet, a chest, a special drawer, or even a DIY box designed just for your sexy intimates. Wherever you decide to create such a blissful section in your wardrobe, make sure you enjoy it and of course, wear what’s inside EVERYDAY!

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few simple tips for organizing your sexy space. In addition, we’ve added suggested of some fabulous lingerie finds with links to shop them on!

Picture of Elila #1303 Bra 20% Off
Elila #1303

Tips for Your Organizing Your Sexiest Pieces


For your lingerie space, think of a spot or place that will not only motivate but make you feel sexy and alive! If it’s going to be a closet, designate an area ONLY for your lingerie. Whether it is an entire side or small section in front of your clothes, make sure to keep it separate.


If you have a drawer, chest, or DIY box, use separators to organize your items. Make sure that the area is always kept neat and tidy.


Picture of Elomi #4550 Priya Underwire Bra
Elomi #4550 Priya Underwire Bra

Make Your Space “Sexy”

It’s one thing to just have a designated space for your lingerie but it’s an AMAZING thing to make it sexy. No matter the size, you want the area to be inviting and motivate you to think and be sexy.

If your space is your closet, use fancy embellished hangers, satin padded hangers, or gold vintage hangers. Also, invest in bra hangers or a hanging system for multiple items. Clips on the hangers allow for more undergarments to be hung, so you don’t forget them.

If you have a chest, drawer, or DIY box that you will be using, don’t worry, you can still make it SEXY! On top of your chest, add candles or pretty framed photos. If you are creating a DIY box, you can embellish it with black lace on top of red, purple, or cream satin. Get creative!

thigh highs

Berkshire #1363 Thigh High Stocking

Coordinate & Categorize Your Lingerie

To show variety in your lingerie, we suggest coordinating “like pieces”. Keep it simple. You’ll have your “everyday” bra and panty sets -vs- your sexy, over-the-top bra, and of course, there is always a few needed pieces of shapewear, as well.

You can put your workout undergarments up front, followed by your standard sets, and then your sexy, sexier, and sexiest pieces. Coordinating by color is a great idea, too, especially when


Picture of Carnival Creations #313 Bustier Splendor In Lace 20% Off
Carnival Creations #313 Bustier Splendor In Lace 20% Off

Picture of Fashion Forms #887 Laundry Bag
Take Care of Your Delicates

Don’t forget that not every piece of lingerie goes directly into the washing machine? You have to take care of and preserve the good stuff!

Fashion Forms has a beautiful laundry bag specifically for your lingerie! If we look hard enough, there are things out there that will allow us to take care of our clothing and our special intimates. As a result, your items will last longer, and you will get more wear out of them.

Restock and Shop!

Alright, let’s say it together. There is nothing wrong with throwing away bras, panties, and other lingerie that is too small, too big, holey, or just plain done! It’s time to restock!  This is where can seriously lend a helping hand (or website links).  

Picture of Paramour #235047 Abbie Front Hook Padded Underwire Bra 55% Off
Paramour #235047 Abbie Front Hook Padded Underwire Bra 55% Off

Looking for affordable options?

Take a look at our Sale Rack for deals of up to 90% off! You deserve a comfortable and confidence-inspiring bra that fits your body exactly right, and aBra4Me can give that to you without breaking the bank. Our wide range of sale items at extremely low prices gives you the opportunity to go into the new year without wearing uncomfortable bras day in and day out.  It’s time to find some fantastic finds to restock and rebuild your lingerie life!



End of the Year Clearance Sale!

As the holiday season rolls around and you’re buying gifts for friends and loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself! aBra4Me has sizes and styles of bras to fit every size and shape comfortably, as a bra should. We have products from the top brands that make you feel as confident as you do comfortably. Everyone deserves a bra that fits perfectly, but in most places, that’s a hard thing to find. Not at aBra4Me. So, use your extra holiday cash to do something nice for yourself, too. We’re having an end-of-the-year clearance sale so you can get a bra that you love at a price that you’ll love even more!

Goddess #6090P Kiera Bra – 70% Off

The Goddess #6090P Kiera Bra gives you the comfort of ultra-supportive satin simplex fabric. Its full cup and side sling design with a v-neck feature at the top and stretch straps keep you comfortable all day long. Its sheer top cup and V-neck plunge give you a lighter look and a flattering neckline. Depending on your size, it has two or three rows of hooks and eyes for the clasp. We currently only have 38DD in stock, as all other sizes have sold out.

Paramour #235047 Abbie Front Hook Padded Underwire Bra – 55% Off

The Paramour #235047 Abbie Front Hook Padded Underwire Bra is the perfect foundation for any outfit. It’s a lace T-back underwire T-shirt bra that prevents show-through with its seamless foam-lined cups. It also comes with adjustable should straps, an underwire for support, and anti-static technology to keep it from clinging. It’s made of nylon and spandex, and it features a snap front.

SPANX #10149P Plus Size Girdle – 50% Off

The SPANX #10149P Plus Size Girdle is the perfect undergarment for those looking for something that will shape you without restricting and making you uncomfortable. It reaches the mid-thigh and is made to cut the contours of your body without cutting off comfort. Speaking of which, it also features a Wide Comfort Waistband, so you don’t feel pressure throughout the day.

Cinema Etoille #64017 Camisole – 25% Off
Cinema Etoile #640107 camisole is all satin with Venise lace. It is beautiful under suits or sweaters.  The camisole is 100% Polyester, can be washed on the delicate machine cycle and has a scoop back.  It is available in red, white, and black.


aBra4Me | End of the Year Clearance Sale

And that’s not all that’s on sale! Take a look at our Sale Rack for deals of up to 90% off! You deserve a comfortable and confidence-inspiring bra that fits your body exactly right, and aBra4Me can give that to you without breaking the bank. Our wide range of sale items at extremely low prices gives you the opportunity to go into the new year without wearing uncomfortable bras day in and day out. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the perfect bra from aBra4Me!

To learn more, visit our Sale Rack, send in an online contact form, or give us a call today at (866)227-2463!

Give the Perfect Gifts this Year gift certificate

Instead of filing into the mall this year for holiday gifts and waiting in never-ending lines, get your shopping done online! What is the one thing that most women truly need, but consistently have trouble finding? A bra that fits correctly, is comfortable to wear and looks great. Finding a bra that checks one of those boxes isn’t hard to do, but it’s not easy to find a bra that delivers all three—unless you’re shopping with aBra4Me. You can give the gift of style, comfort, and confidence with our wide selection of bras and lingerie that are available in a range of sizes that include everyone. Check out our new products, and take a look at our featured products below!

Paramour by Felina Abbie Full-Figure Bra 235047

Set up the perfect foundation for any outfit with this women's bra from Paramour by Felina.


  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Gorgeous lace T-back, underwire T-shirt bra
  • Prevent show-through with seamless foam-lined cups
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lightly lined, seamless cups
  • Anti-static
  • Underwire


  • Snap front

exquisite form 30109 flutter sleeve nightgown

Exquisite Form #30109 Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

If you looking for a little comfort and joy this season, may we suggest Exquisite Form?  You can just feel the romance and comfort with our Exquisite Form Flutter Sleeve Gown. The elegant flutter sleeve offers moderate coverage and is designed to move with you during sleep. This is the perfect nightgown year-round!  This amazing gown is 25% off, in stock,  and ready to ship.


  • Silky and breathable nylon tricot knit fabric that is easy-care
  • Knee-length gown with flutter sleeves for maximal comfort and ease of movement
  • Delicate floral embroidery applique at the neckline with gathered pleats at the bust for a feminine appeal

While you’re on our website browsing around for that perfect gift for someone on your list (and hopefully for yourself as well,  know that aBra4Me ALWAYS offers FREE SHIPPING on Goddess, Elomi, Wacoal, Calida, Lunaire, Va Bien products!

ABra4Me | Online shopping for the perfect bra

There’s no better feeling than finding a bra that not only looks good but feels good, too. At ABra4Me, we sell high-quality bras in a wide range of sizes for every body type so that everyone can find the perfect bra for them. Looking for a bra to gift a friend or loved one but aren’t sure which size is best for them? We also offer gift certificates so they can choose the exact bra they want without having to spend their own money. The perfect bra from ABra4Me is both a thoughtful and useful gift, look through our site today so you can give someone the perfect gift this holiday season.

To learn more, give us a call at (248) 499-6303 or send in an online contact form and we’ll answer any questions you have!

37 Years of Selling High Quality, Inclusive Lingerie!  

abra4me celebrates 37 years in business

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in the lingerie industry for almost four decades now, and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers. As we celebrate this achievement, let’s look back at how aBra4Me started and how the journey has gone so far.

Background & Company Founding

Our founder Jackie has been working in the lingerie industry since she was 17 years old. She worked her way through college as she earned two degrees.

Jackie got the experience she needed to start aBra4Me by working at Bra World in Troy, MI. She wasn’t thrilled about working at a place called “Bra World,” but they had been reaching out to her teacher for any students who may want to work there and so Jackie took the interview as a favor. She immediately showed her talent for working in the industry and making an impact on the stores. She was quickly promoted to assistant manager, then manager, and finally a buyer for all of Bra World’s four locations. Her bosses realized Jackie’s ability and began to mentor her, flying her with them to NYC to learn more about being a foundation, sleepwear, and swimwear buyer.

In 2001, was launched and entered Bra World into the online competition. By 2007, they decided to change their name to aBra4Me to match their phone number, 866-a-Bra-4-Me. In 2010, aBra4Me became a fully online business when it closed the last of its brick-and-mortar stores.

Changes in the Industry & Company

There have been plenty of changes both within the company and the industry that aBra4Me has had to overcome. The most important industry change for aBra4Me was the move toward more inclusive sizing. Back when Jackie started out even a DDD cup size didn’t exist. Now, we sell 7 styles in M cups and 3 with an O cup!

Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic put tons of stress on all kinds of industries. While it was helpful that aBra4Me was no longer relying on foot traffic to stores, the shutdown still put a damper on online sales and shipping logistics. In times of crisis, women tend to look more at how they can care for friends and family rather than their own personal needs. This means things that people don’t see all the time, like bras and underwear, can be ignored for the time being. While foundation sales took a big hit during the pandemic, online bra sales were able to push us through and keep our company afloat.

Another change that affected our customers directly was the shutting down of Edith Lances. Until they shut down just before the pandemic hit, Edith Lances bras were some of our top sellers. We had customers who were loyal to the brand and didn’t want to see them go. Luckily for everyone, Kaylark was able to buy out Edith Lances and continue to manufacture their products. This was a huge relief for us and for the many women who had found their perfect bras from Edith Lances.

aBra4Me | Online bra shopping for all women

You can’t beat the comfort and confidence that comes with finding the perfect bra for you. It’s historically been a tough thing to find, with limited size ranges and bras not being made for certain body types. But at aBra4Me, we’ve got a selection of high-quality bras that are guaranteed to fit women of all shapes and sizes. We can even help you find the best fit for your personal size and body shape. We want you to experience what a perfect bra looks and feels like – you deserve it.

Give us a call today at (866) 227-2463 to learn more about finding the perfect bra for you by sending in an online contact form.

Edith Lances Bras Are Back!  

For 36 years, Edith Lances has been a top seller of bras in an inclusive range of sizes for women of all shapes and sizes. Before the COVID Pandemic hit, Edith Lances had to temporarily close. With this temporary closing, business took a hit and sales dropped heavily. It was beginning to look like women who had found their perfect bras from Edith Lances were out of luck. But, Kaylark recently bought Edith Lances! This means that the minimizing bras that Edith Lances were known for are back on the market and women who were frustrated from searching high and low for an equivalent bra no longer have to worry.

Edith Lances

Edith Lances has been selling bras since 1937! In that time they’ve helped thousands and thousands of women with their unique minimizer bras. Minimizer bras are designed to provide the extra support you need under the bust to keep the pressure off your shoulders and neck. With a classic lace cup design, these bras also minimize your bust size. They can help you look two sizes smaller!

Edith Lances is a company that cares about high quality for its customers. Every Edith Lances bra is hand sewn by union workers in the U.S. This means that when you bought an Edith Lances bra, you bought an ethical, durable, and comfortable product that is worth the price.


Kaylark bras are created with a similar mission to Edith Lances, which is why the merger of the companies has worked out so well. In 2016, the founder of Kaylark was 3 weeks postpartum and looking for lingerie that would keep her comfortable and confident during her upcoming wedding. She couldn’t find anything in stores, so she got out a sewing machine and created her own. When she was done, she had a comfortable, flattering bra that offers the right amount of support for women with larger cup sizes.

Now, she’s turned this discovery into Kaylark, a female-owned small business that specializes in creating bras for women outside of the A-D cup range. Kaylark bras are comfortable and created with special patent and patent pending features to improve their support, comfort, and security. They minimize in the same manner as the Edith Lances you have grown to love and haven’t been able to replace. 

Take a look at a few of their bras below:

Kaylark #B003 Underwire Minimizer Bra

Picture of Kaylark #B003 Underwire Minimizer Bra


Kaylark #4003 Sophie Satin Underwire Minimizer Bra


Kaylark #4002 Bijou Tafetta Underwire Minimizer Bra

ABra4Me | Comfortable, flattering bras for women of all shapes & sizes

At ABra4Me, our mission is to help every woman we can find the perfect bra. Perfect in comfort, support, and look. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of the three, no matter what size bra you need. Our skilled sales staff can help you find the perfect kind of bra for your needs. We’ll help you find one that doesn’t just fit your size, but your body shapes as well. We’re happy to help women find bras that are comfortable as well as figure-flattering.

If you want to find the perfect bra in any size, take a look at our website or give us a call at (866) 227-2463 today!

Our Bra Size Range Includes Every Woman

bras in large sizes

Have you ever seen the perfect bra, only to find out when you try to buy it that it’s only sold in 32A-34D? At aBra4Me, we’ve recognized this size range for the problem that it is. Did you know that 76% of women say their bras are the wrong size? It’s not just uncomfortable to wear a bra that doesn’t fit how it should, it can hurt your confidence, too.

These women aren’t unaware that their bras don’t fit, it's just been nearly impossible to find one that truly does. But it’s not anymore. We’ve made it our mission to offer every woman of any size and body the right to a comfortable, well-fitting, great-looking bra. We offer bras in band sizes from 28-58 and cup sizes from A-O. No one should have to wear a bra that makes them feel uncomfortable and unconfident, so we’re doing what we can to offer everyone the perfect bra for their unique bodies.

Understand your body type

The same size of the bra doesn’t fit everyone the same exact way. Your body type affects how a bra will fit you. No matter your body type, aBra4Me can set you up with a bra that fits you how it should so you can wear it with confidence.


An hourglass body shape is one where your shoulders and hips are the same widths, and your waist is thinner which results in the shape of an hourglass.


Someone with a lean body is tall and thin without many curves.


With a rectangular body, your bust, shoulders, and hips are all about the same width.

Inverted triangle

An inverted triangle body means your bust is wider than your hips.


With a pear-shaped body, your hips are the widest part of your body.


Apple body shape means that your lower body is slimmer than your upper body.

To find the perfect bra for your size and body shape, try aBra4Me’s fitting room! We’ll show you what size bra fits you the right way, so you never get the wrong size again.

aBra4Me | Beautiful, comfortable bras for every woman

At aBra4Me, our mission is to never let you wear an uncomfortable, unflattering bra again. We keep stocks of your favorite brands at unbeatable prices. We carry a wide range of sizes so that you won’t be at a loss, from band sizes of 28-58 and cup sizes from A-O. We carry brands like ElilaExquisite FormGoddessElomi, Cortland (Venus), CarnivalCinema Etoile, and more.

If you’re ready to start wearing bras that finally fit and make you feel unstoppable, give us a call at (886) 227-2463 or check out today!

Celebrating 36 Years in the Lingerie Business!

36 years in business

Jackie of will be celebrating 36 years in the lingerie business this month.  We will be interviewing Jackie on the past, present, and future of the lingerie industry.

Jackie, what is your professional background?

I had one other job at 17 years old besides this so I can say I’ve been working at this for 36 years. I went to college while working and obtained 2 associate degrees from OCC in Business Administration and Liberal Arts.


How did come into formation?

I started working at Bra World in Troy, Mi a division of LuLu’s Lingerie on 9/28/1985. I never wanted to work at a place called “Bra World” but went to an interview as a favor to my teacher as they kept bugging him for employees. The rest as they say is history. After graduating high school I was quickly promoted to assistant manager at a new location in Novi Mi. After a year I was promoted to manager and then a buyer for all 4 locations.

My bosses were always leaders in the industry and flew me back and forth to NYC and mentored me into a great foundation, sleepwear, and swimwear buyer.

On 8/20/21 we launched just before the attacks of 9/11. The nation was silent. It took a few months to get rolling and heal. On 7/18/2007 we changed the website name to match our phone number 866-a-Bra-4-Me (866-227-2463) and was launched. As of 2010 all 4 brick and mortar stores closing leaving just the website.

What major changes have occurred in the industry through the years?

The biggest change has been women’s bra sizes. When I started in 1985 there was no such thing as a DDD cup bra.

Now we have 7 styles in M cups and 3 bras styles that are made up of an O cup!

Is there any event that has drastically affected the company in its journey?

The two biggest events were the attacks of 9/11 and recently Covid-19. When there is a crisis of any kind women tend to neglect themselves and put their families first. So, the first thing to neglect is garments that no one can see. It’s easy to live with an old bra or holes in your underwear and sacrifice for your family. Even though online sales pushed the world through life during Covid-19 the foundation business suffered greatly.

We are still in the full effect of factories being shut down every time someone comes down with Covid to sanitize; fabric shortages and most recently worker shortages. So many factories have pallets of merchandise stuck on containers or can’t obtain a container to ship products.

What were some significant challenges you’ve faced and how did you get past them?

There have been so many such as world events, industry changes, price mandating, new competition, and of course, Covid-19 that have all impacted small businesses including the lingerie industry. As each challenge arises, you need to take a breath and a step back, analyze the situation and overcome the hurdle one day at a time.  Sometimes you come out better than you started and other times you just do the best you can.  I also pray and know that GOD will push me through and give me the strength to work hard and strive for success. My old boss used to tell me there is room for everyone to just put blinders on and push forward. I can always hear her voice pushing me on!

How do you see the future of the industry?

I see more small companies going out of business or being bought by bigger companies only to be crushed and disappear. It’s sad for me to see small businesses not rolling with the times and viable.

The “online” wave is swift and fierce. It takes a strong person to see changes and adapt.

I can also see more size extensions. Finally, we are seeing bigger sizes to meet the demand and more fashionable styles.

Feel Your Most Confident and Comfortable This School Year with Bras at!

Find great deals on Goddess bras, Elila bras, Exquisite Form bras, Cortland Intimates/Venus bras, Edith Lances bras, and more all on  With free shipping on most items and orders $100 and above, has the quality products here for you!

At aBra4Me, we believe that women should embrace their curves and treat themselves with high-quality bras and other lingerie items that make them feel and look their best.  Order directly from our website or give us a call at (866) 227-2463.  You can also reach out to us with any questions you may have through the contact form on our website.



Back-to School – In Comfort and In-Person!

After more than a year of online learning, I know many students and parents are clamoring for the return to in-person classes.

This year’s back-to-school shopping lists are changing because in-person schooling will likely be different from before. So, what was on last year's list may be different as this year's back-to-school year will be in-person. In any year, comfort will always be on top of the list as students want to feel relaxed and focus on learning. 

From comfortable sports bras to stretchy, form-fitting concealer cups, aBra4Me has something for every woman to look and feel her best this fall.  With FREE shipping on most items or orders $100 and above, aBra4Me is ready to help you stay at your most comfortable during the busy fall season.

We'll provide some of our best sports bras and t-shirt bras that are tried, true, and some even brand new!

Barely There Bra by Bali #103
Your favorite Barely There Bra by Bali #103 or 103J Crop Top is now called Bali Comfort Revolution Crop Top.  Same smooth comfort; just a new name!  This seamless nylon bra features a soft, no-tag microfiber material that fits like a second skin.  The comfort-ribbed under-band gently stays in place without the digging hardware or tight straps.  This silky crop top caresses your every curve, for the ultimate easy-on-you bra.  Wear it to bed or on the go – no matter where you might be, this bra provides the optimal comfort you are looking for!

Montelle #9320 - Ships FREE!
A must-have T-shirt bra for C to H cups, the Pure Plus has been crafted with our signature ultra-soft microfiber and a lightweight 4-way stretch foam cup that holds and contours your shape. The side wings and underbust are lined with power mesh and embellished with smooth stretch floral lace for the full support that’s also pretty. This Montelle customer favorite is virtually imperceptible under clothes and is the ideal bra to pair with sexy summer tees and dresses.

Elila #1305 Bra 20% OffJacquard soft cup bra with cushioned shoulder strap, full coverage for the fuller figure 3-piece cup construction with inner sling for maximum support. Our #1 selling bra!!! The Jacquard Softcup is a firm support bra engineered to immediately improve your silhouette and appearance. Designed with cushioned full cup sling to help encompass, support, and evenly distribute the bust for an uplifted shape while reducing back and shoulder strain.

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Montelle #9321 Spacer Bra - Ships FREE!
You’ve just found the next closest thing to “braless” comfort in full support, bulk-free bra. The Spacer T-shirt Bra offers outstanding support, coverage, and comfort thanks to its highly breathable, 3D Spacer knit technology. This T-Shirt bra is absolutely perfect for larger busts.   Its thin, ultra-lightweight fabric lets your boobs breathe and creates a flattering, rounded shape. Bye-bye pointy boobs.

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